Barndog Mill


Built for the long haul.



We design and build custom cabinetry. We work with homeowners, builders, architectural firms and interior designers and offer both finished and unfinished pieces. We are three woodworkers, plus a designer/engineer, and utilize robotic technology with a CNC machine that allows us to keep our material waste and build time down, and pass those savings on to customers. We think we provide a better experience, from start to finish. 


Not all cabinets are built the same. Quality materials and joinery are a must. We use locally sourced and FSC certified lumber when possible, include dovetail joinery in all of our drawers, and shore up our joinery with screws, not tiny nails. And we NEVER use particle board for our boxes. If someone ever drastically undercuts us, make sure you ask about the materials and joinery methods. 


Custom Building Information

Where are the cabinets made? In our shop in Zachary, Louisiana at 23507 Hwy. 19, by Mike, Matt and Conrad and a giant robot called a CNC machine. We offer both finished and unfinished cabinetry.

How are you different from other cabinet companies? Although we do include dovetails with every build, stamp each piece with our firebrand, and use real plywood for our cabinet boxes, where we stand out the most is in the quality of our team and outstanding client experience from start to finish. Where else are you going to find a team of all college-educated, well-mannered, technologically savvy cabinet makers? We pride ourselves on our dedication to continuing our education in robotics and design, because we believe that innovation is how we will ultimately pass savings and quality on to our customers. 

Do you also make furniture? Everyone in the shop started individually as furniture makers. We became a full-scale cabinet shop with the purchase of our CNC machine in 2016, and have chosen that as our focus. We still make tables, with prices starting at $2500, and also take the occasional commissioned furniture piece with prices starting at $4000.  

How are you priced compared with other cabinet shops? Everyone assumes that because we show up on time, are licensed and insured, and pay our team well, that we must be expensive, but that's not the case. We are priced competitively with all local vendors that match our quality of being made in house. We make A+ cabinets at B prices. 

How long will a Barndog Mill piece last? We build for the long haul. When and if you decide to sell your house, your cabinets will be one of the biggest selling features. We expect the cabinetry we build today to remain for the life of your home. We believe our quality reflects the heirloom ideal.

How can I get an estimate on cabinets? Easy, just contact us below, and we’ll respond in 24 hours or less. We’ll ask you to describe your dream piece, and ask for your favorite pictures of similar pieces. When we get the general idea, Mike and designer Emily will come to the site, measure and sketch a computer draft of what you described. From there, we’ll work with you on any changes and reach an agreement on price.

Are drafts and sketches free? For now, we offer free estimates, but once we go to the sketch phase, a $500 deposit is required.

Are you licensed and insured? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Should the worst happen during an install, you are protected. 

How long does it take to complete a build? Like every local in the business, we are still working down orders from the flood. Current wait time is about four months, so get on our schedule today! 225-931-3111. We can produce about two entire homes full of cabinets per month, or three kitchens. 

How much is required up front to get a build started? We ask for payment in three installments: 30% up front, 40% midway through the build, and 30% at the end. 

What forms of payment do you accept? PayPal, Credit, Debit, Check and Cash.

Do you work with builders? Yes! We love new construction.

Where we stand out the most is in the quality of our team and outstanding client experience from start to finish
— Mike