Barndog Mill


Passion. Experience. Diligence.

What's in a name?

Barn+Dog+Mill= Barndog Mill

It all started with me, a barn, a dog, and a small mill, where I made a lot of furniture and a lot of mistakes. Now our new shop houses three guys (all with college degrees in unrelated fields), a dog, and a CNC robot named Evangeline. Our support staff includes my incredible wife Jen, who organizes grassroots advertising efforts, and Emily, our client coordinator and designer. We are a full-scale custom cabinet crew of skilled woodworkers and a shop on a main thoroughfare in Zachary. 

Credit Katie Swetman

Credit Katie Swetman



Meet Your Makers


Designer |builder | Owner

Mike Gennaro

Firstly, thank you for visiting us. My team and I are a tight knit group of makers who are out to change the status quo of an industry. Visions of smoke stained offices in industrial zones, being "mansplained" to about your project should be a thing of the past. Our aim is to be a brand and destination for those who seek solutions for mindful living spaces. That's why you'll notice dovetails and fire branded logos are standard on our cabinet drawers. I'm just an ordinary guy that found his niche and an incredible staff to help me with a vision. Along the way, our clients, interior designers and builders have become our extended family. I'm a graduate of Rummel High School and the University of New Orleans, but more importantly a lifelong learner and explorer. Here's to our next great build!



  • CNC Robotics
  • Cabinetry & Furniture
  • Finishing

Favorite Woods

I love all kinds of wood, but I'm particularly fond of sinker cypress. It won't be around forever, and it's a reminder to harvest our natural resources sustainably.


Paddle fishing and hanging with my wife Jen, our two kids Max and Lucy, and two basset hounds, Arzi and Puddles.


Shop Foreman

Matt Kestler

Matt was the very first full-time hire at Barndog Mill, and now oversees daily operations in the shop. He's a skilled cabinet maker with many years' experience, and brings to the table (pun intended) a calm authority and a practical demeanor. He's a stickler for quality fundamentals and good design. 



  • Furniture
  • Cabinetry

Favorite Woods



LSU sports fanatic



Laguna SmartShop II

Favorite Woods



Making dust 


  • Sign making
  • cabinetry


jen donut.PNG

Social media marketing/purchasing/business development/Co-Founder

Jen Gennaro

Jen is our secret weapon. As a real estate professional, she has a vast network of clients that she puts us in touch with on a daily basis. She is also an after repair value specialist and can advise clients how they can increase the price of their homes with custom finishes. When the daily shop activities are over, she is there making business development decisions and helping us bring the best possible client experience to our amazing customers.


Favorite Woods



Family, crossfit, paddle boarding, investing, eating bespoke donuts 


  • Business Development
  • Real Estate